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Talented songwriting trio Oliver Hazard release new self-titled album!

The new album from Oliver Hazard sees three incredibly talented and passionate singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists come together to deliver tracks filled with the traditional storytelling qualities of Folk as well some beautifully flavoursome instrumentation and lushes harmonies. It is audible that the three have an unwavering love for their craft as each track is bustling with subtle elements and sonic quirks that require an acute attention to detail and a genuine love for arrangement.

Talking on the album, Oliver Hazard said: "This album feels different than anything we've done in the past. We’re very simple people, all three of us. I think the album reflects that, and I hope it captures something you probably can't describe yourself, but that speaks to you”.

On the whole, it is an uplifting album with tracks like 'Ballerina' capturing the bright acoustic energy of The Beatles' 'Blackbird' and the bright coastal vocal lines that are natural, unfiltered and radiating with a free-spirted joy that is truly blissful to hear. Lead single 'Saratoga' is equally uplifting. It leads with an upbeat acoustic strum and the multiple vocals combine for tranquil harmonies that will blow away any blues.

Our personal favourite has to be 'Northern Lights' as it has an additional hint of poignancy to it. Dipping between stripped back, intimate moments of warm vocals and a delightful piano line and bigger, dramatic moments of soaring vocal harmonies and shuffling percussion it takes you on a wonderful sonic journey and would act as the perfect soundtrack to your next adventure.

Overall, this record is filled with natural acoustic beauty and the three combine for a string of songs all filled with pure emotion. The songs are tranquil and transport you to a carefree state of mind that you will be sad to return from.


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