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Swedish Indie outfit Glyy make their debut with slick, summer single 'Dior'

As we’re nearing the end of the summer season, Glyy’s recent release ‘Dior’ is a song to keep summer going into the colder months. With its lively instrumentation and feel-good vibes, ‘Dior’ is an exciting debut single which introduces listeners to the groovy music of Glyy. This self-published and multi-instrumentalist group from Stolkholm and Uppsala in Sweden seek to combine Indie Pop and Neo Soul to create distinctive and memorable pop music. The band’s members include Alex Band (guitar), Daniel Thorell (Keyboard and Cello), David Rapp (Vocals) and Fernando Hermida (Bass).

Together, the members of Glyy are all about finding the fine line between what is popular and what has never been heard before. ‘Dior’ has a catchy, simple melody, which paired with the somewhat quirky instrumentation, makes for a light-hearted and summery track. Regarding the lyrics, the band have said in their own words: "We ended up with some tasteful, mildly R-rated lyrics representing a male perspective on the desire between two lovers". The sensual lyrics at points contrast the energetic and cheerful instrumentation, fusing excellently to create a unique and stimulating debut single.


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