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Sourced. build up to new EP with warm and energised Folk single 'starting'!

Sourced. claim to be creating a new genre titled “Garage Folk” and indeed their latest single does show glimpses of the raw nature of Garage Rock while delivering vocals with a true Folk finesse.

The new track ‘starting’ opens with a sole vocal that instantly pricks your ears with its smooth, warm tone that reminds you of your fluffiest winter jumper. However, once the punchy drum sound kicks in and you hear lyrics such as “there’s something about chaos that draws me in” you start to realise there’s more to this track than first meets the eye. These vocals have a lovely eb and flow, dipping between the aforementioned, deep, smooth tones and a slightly higher register as vocalist Fred Claridge raises the intensity in moments of passion. This Garage-inspired intensity can also be found in the later moments of the track, largely led by the drums as they crash around Fred’s vocals and leave a powerful lasting imprint ringing in your ears.

Lyrically, ‘starting’ covers a poignant but very relatable subject matter for us all. It is inspired by Fred’s personal journey through the times of COVID when all elements of his life were tipped upside down. He felt the need to seek help but was conflicted in his thoughts surrounding this. This is a topic that will ring true for many listeners and the contrast between the wholesome, homely sonic palette and the deeper, troubled lyrical content is the perfect way to convey these feelings sonically.

This is the first single off the upcoming Sourced. EP which was half written in 2019 on a world tour with Blanco White and thus, covers themes of yearning for home comforts and pros and cons of travelling on the mind. Look out for more releases soon in the build up to the EP’s release.


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