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  • Saba Khorassani

Soothing Liverpool songwriter Astles releases new single 'This One's For You'!

Astles’ new single 'This One’s for You' fits perfectly with his oeuvre of soothing, soft Indie music, described aptly on his Spotify profile to be “as warm as milky tea”. Originally from the seaside town of Southport, Astles’ songs are a celebration of tenderness, all with a distinct undercurrent of nostalgia. Think somewhere between Matt Maltese and Billie Marten, he delivers a sound listeners are sure to savour.

Liverpool Songwriter Astles | BOOT - - - MUSIC

'This One’s for You' begins with a slightly melancholy tone, with minimal instruments accompanying Daniel Astles’ voice. The track showcases his lullaby-esque tone with its calming rhythm and he manages to make even the drums sound soft and light. Then, as the song progresses, his voice becomes perfectly accompanied by a series of string instruments, subtly adding depth and dynamism to the track, and by the second chorus the lilting keys of a piano are added to create a vibrant symphony, captivating the listener throughout. The result? A building crescendo of textures and sounds that marks the upbeat denouement of the track.

Astles’ music charms listeners all the more live, and he is performing in several locations across the coming months, including trendy Jaguar Shoes in London and at Liverpool's Philharmonic Music Room where he will be accompanied by a string quartet. With his contemplative lyrics and flowing sound, Asltes is not one to miss!


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