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Sneaky Little Devils - Sweet Low Afterglow

America’s synth duo Sneaky Little Devil describe themselves as Soul pop art rock from another time…and possibly another dimension. They aren’t wrong! Their unique brand of music is a cosmic audible experience, taking you outside your normal listening sphere and planting you inside a sonic concoction.

Tracks like ‘Superstar Supernova’ and ‘Wicked Lullaby’ drift in and out of rolling Psychedelic instrumentals, gentle drums layered on top of the dreamy, Tame Impala esc guitar and vocal tones. However their latest single Sweet Low Afterglow is a more electronic and intricate construction. The track draws you in with it's rising electro textures before the duo's harmonised vocals take over.


The dark undercurrent running throughout Sweet Low Afterglow is both haunting and enticing. It emanates a mysterious sound that swamps you in 80’s synths and their soothing overlapping vocals. This love of the darkness has become popular in recent years with the likes of Billie Eilish exploring the beauty of haunting sounds. It is this exploration that Sneaky Little Devils do best, finding intricate spaces within the synth driven landscape for miniature hooks and moments of satisfaction.

With four singles coming in quick succession, there is certainly more to come from Sneaky Little Devil! Keep up to date by following them on Spotify.


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