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Smooth vocal connoisseurs McDermott and North release 'The Hollywood EP'!

Smooth vocal connoisseurs Patrick McDermott and Rhys North combine to create wholesome music with all the warm vocal harmonies of a barbershop quartet and all the cosy melodies of an animated Disney soundtrack. Their new four-track release 'The Hollywood EP' captures all their best qualities with true musical finesse and songwriting beauty.

The opening track 'Pearly Whites' is a nostalgic jaunt that is led by rich vocal lines that even Bublé would be proud while backing harmonies caress the song with the aforementioned barber shop esc sounds. It is a wholesome track full of romance and pure songwriting bliss. It is brought to life by a host of eclectic instrumentation including swinging piano melodies, flutes and breezy accordion that makes you feel like you're being serenaded atop a Parisian balcony.

'Let Your Love Shine Down' and 'Love Your Way' are deeper, traditional songwriting performances that ring of The Beatles and The Beach Boys while 'Mary Street' is a more modern track that is the most poignant and melancholic moment on the EP. It is a great demonstration of the other end of their sonic spectrum, initially leaning into sounds that fans of Ben Howard would enjoy before picking up with a more hopeful feeling. This is the most captivating vocal performance out of the four tracks as the swooping harmonies are truly heartfelt and filled with love.

It is no surprise that these guys have been attracting attention from the likes of Triple J, BBC Radio and Radio NZ. From making their way as buskers to releasing refined pieces of music like this EP, their journey has only just begun.


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