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Sister Jack channels 90s Grunge and 80s Post-Punk in gloomy new single 'Come Apart'

Independent artist and producer Sister Jack is back for the second time this year with his follow-up single ‘Come Apart’. The Seattle-based musician produces all of his work on a computer in his bedroom with a just few guitars by his side. The gritty and raw production contributes to his Post-Punk sound, along with his exploration of other similar genres: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and perhaps even Grunge revival.

This track is both gloomy and energetic, through its prominent basslines and rhythmic guitar passages. The interjection of a synthesised riff among the vigorous guitars divides up the instrumentation and brings the listener back to an underground Punk club; where this genre originated and is best enjoyed. Sister Jack’s guitar tone is nostalgic of the late 20th century, spanning from New Wave to Grunge, from Joy Division to Nirvana. However, he manages to put his own spin on the sounds of the past, bringing them into the 21st Century. His incredible musicality and distinct sense of style are exciting, to say the least, and we know many Punk and Alternative Rock fans are looking forward to his next release!


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