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Singles of the month July 2022 ft. Bring Me The Horizon, Kid Kapichi, JMSEY & more!

Bring Me The Horizon - sTraNgeRs

Bring Me The Horizon dropped their explosive new single ‘sTraNgeRs’ this month and it is a fresh and reassuringly heavy take on the band’s constant move through new water. The Sheffield quintet’s first solo release after a chain of collaborations with the likes of Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Ed Sheeran, Masked Wolf and Sigrid.

Being a band that’s never afraid to explore new avenues, Bring Me The Horizon showcase their versatility once again with this new track as they fuse 2000s emo with the band’s well loved metalcore sound. The intro features an acoustic theme with Oli Sykes’ angst-fuelled vocals, which leads into a dramatic, drum-led buildup. The track then erupts into a loud yet melodic chorus, oozing with that signature BMTH metalcore bite that shows Oli Sykes in his finest form.

Similarly to their last EP ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’, this track is generously seasoned with Oli Sykes’ monstrous deathcore-esque vocal style which is tastefully balanced with his ambient, more theatrical nature. Although ‘sTraNgeRs’ is a refreshing twist on what we’ve heard from Bring Me The Horizon’s previous material, it would not sound out of place on albums like ‘That’s The Spirit’ and ‘amo’. But in the context of the band’s long and varied discography, it serves as a feature of their best sounds; crisp production infused with metalcore grit.

Bring Me The Horizon have always been a band known for carving their own path through a variety of different genres and ‘sTraNgeRs’ is another fun example of that. Combining the band’s best sounds in a well tested formula gives us a nostalgia filled tune with a contemporary twist.

Words by Matthew Gladman

Conal Kelly - Keep Me Satisfied

Bristol Multi-instrumentalist and producer Conal Kelly's been raising eyebrows from aa host of the country's biggest tastemakers including Jack Saunders who described his latest single 'Keep Me Satisfied' as "pure perfection". Now, this may be a slight exaggeration yet the track does offer pretty much everything you could ask for in a a new Alt-Pop single from one of the most exciting rising stars.

There are three distinct atmospheres within the duration of this song and what stands out from the very first listen is how seamlessly Conal manages to switch between them and showcase all the best aspects of his talent in one, well packaged track. The anthemic chorus that opens the song in bold style feels purpose built to get a packed out venue bouncing in sync to the crashing drum explosives and soaring vocal lines. Then, in a somewhat unexpected twist, the verses take on a more dream like persona, with layered harmonies floating in the background. The pre-chorus snaps you out of this trance with a tightly rolled lyrical flow that builds the tension, ready to explode into that euphoric chorus once more. This is too infectious not to add to your 2022 playlist!


Bursting full of colour is the brightest new Derry girl on the scene, Singer Songwriter ROE. Her self described "Existential Indie Pop" is both hugely melodic and deeply sentimental. The honesty and open desire to talk about things that, as the title of her 2020 EP testified, we often don't talk about, has about struck a chord with many. People began to fall in love with the content and themes of her music just much as they did with the sound and her latest single 'Cold Feet', taken from her upcoming debut album out September 23rd, has continued this trend.

The piano-led track is one that grows and develops hugely as it goes on. Initially it is very intimate, as just ROE and the piano create an audible vulnerability. Powerful chords pull your heartstrings as she sings lines like "If I had a backbone in my body then maybe I'd listen to then people around me" put up a mirror to her most inner thoughts. Yet, when the drums come in they lift the energy and the mood, bringing a more empowering feel to the track as if they are picking ROE herself out of her well of despair and injecting a new hope inside her. It demonstrates the bare boned quality of ROE's songwriting ability as well as her beautifully smooth vocal performance and knack for exploring emotional cavities that many avoid.

Kid Kapichi - 5 Days On (2 Days Off)

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album 'Here's what You Could Have Won', due September 23rd, Hasting Rock outfit kid Kapichi have returned with their single '5 Days On (2 Days Off)'. Now with the backing of Universal's Spine Farm Records, they are going full steam ahead into this record which will feature Punk rapper Bob Vylan. You may be tempted to think that such a socially conscious and angsty band would lose their edge when working with a major label but that couldn't be further from the truth. This new single sees them return with as much bark and as much bite as when they first crashed onto the scene.

The growling riffs are back, complimented by an in-your-face vocal delivery that radiates a relatable unrest that encapsulates the anger that is growing across the country. Each word is spat at the mic with a venom that makes you stand up and listen. However, it isn't all just brute force. They plenty of room to offer up their trademark big chorus' that will have packed out rooms bouncing off the walls at their next tour! We can't wait for this new record.

Self Help - Bamboo

From the very first moments of Self Help's new single 'Bamboo' you feel locked in its tractor beam, hypnotically attached to the pulsing dance rhythm. The Oxford outfit evolved into a five-piece last year which has provided them with a more layered sound as they build up to the release of their debut album next year.

The vocals on the new track stand out and are undeniably infectious in both content and delivery. The words are spoken with a cool swagger while the lyrics "take it away and see if I care" encapsulate the uncompromising, self-sufficient energy the song gives off. 'Bamboo' sways on the fringes of Post-Punk with its repetitive, dance-inducing rhythms and gloomy guitar tones yet it also leaves moments for bit sonic exploration and dips its toe into psychedelia. A web of subtle electronics tangle behind the winding guitar line while the drums land loosely, floating out of time for a second before coming together for a final chorus that draws you deep inside a dance floor punk whirlwind.

JMSEY & Beck Pete - I'll Be Okay

Out of Sacremento, California, comes the digital singer/songwriter JMSEY. Also a member of Hobo Johnson's outfit, he has had plenty of experience riding at the top of the alternative Indie scene in the US. Yet, his solo project remains in its infancy. In terms of style it does offer many of the same urban flows of Hobo Johnson and so it is easy to see why he works so well in the band but there is a little more aggression and liveliness to his solo output.

This month, he teamed up with one of USA's new masters of sonic emotion, Beck Pete, on their new single 'I'll Be Okay'. From the first few moments of the track you can tell that this is one of the most angst ridden outputs either of them has ever produced. The charsh, fuzzy guitar lines are electrifying and filled with a sour bite that is matched by the attack-minded vocal delivery of the pair. Many of the lines tale off, purposely unmelodically, reflecting the frustrated state of mind behind the lyrics. With a blend of electronic power and raw, gritty emotion they have produced a track that takes ahold of you and shakes an empowering sense of rebellion into you.

Daniel Steer - Rebel

Although Singer/Songwriter Daniel Steer's solo project is still being discovered by many, Daniel himself is no stranger to the music world. Previously, he has released 5 albums with the bands Reining Days and The Quails and has supported the likes of Bon Jovi, Muse and Feeder. After releasing his debut album in 2020, he has now returned with his brand new single 'Rebel'.

Built around a moody atmosphere that wouldn't feel too out of place in a Game of Thrones battle sequence, Daniel really showcases his vocal prowess with his rich, powerful calls. The verses almost act as a springboard, just building tension for the anthemic chorus that first offers a wholesome, George Ezra style melody and then a soaring call of the tracks's title that reverberates through your soul.

Mike Stoyanov - Everything You Ever Wanted

Channelling the fun-spirited, carefree atmosphere of 00s Indie is London-based songwriter Mike Stoyanov. He has released 4 singles over the last two years and has amassed a small following thanks to his visibly high-energy live shows. Driven by thick, scratchy riffs and attack-minded vocals, previous songs like 'One Night Stand' are harsh and direct, radiating a Punk influence and sheer love for the power of the guitar as an instrument.

Mike claims to make music that makes you feel alive and his latest track 'Everything You Ever Wanted' certainly lives up to this claim. It has a slightly more upbeat, bounce to it. Full of energy and delivered with a punchy vocal swagger it rings of The Fratellis at their peak. As we hit the peak of summer, this is the perfect track for a lively day out taking on the town, a theme that is captured in the video above.



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