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Singles of the month - April 2022 ft. lostboy, George O'Hanlon, Kat Von D & more!

Ear candy - take my dreams away

Right at the start of the month, bedroom pop solo artist ear candy offered up his second single and it is a song that will instantly hit your ears with such a smooth and infectious upbeat feel that you need to keep listening. It is more expressive than his January debut 'over you' with an uptempo Indie Pop drum rhythm and some vibrant synth hook leading the charge. The vocal chorus has the charming vocal tones of Rex Orange County and the feel-good sunny energy of fellow emerging star Devon. It radiates a carefree atmosphere that will help you strip away your stresses and bask in the ear worming melodies...definitely a track for the summer!

KHARTOUM - Ten People

London trio KHARTOUM have a knack for producing unapologetically catchy Indie anthems, in fact, tracks like 'I Was Born' and 'Vultures' are still took in our heads! As they gear up for their second EP 'Some Days' they have released their first teaser in the form of their new breakup anthem 'Ten People'. The vocal tone is crisp and punchy, making each line incredibly captivating while the instrumentals roll along with a slick groove comparable to The Magic Gang. However, if you know KHARTOUM then you will know it is their chorus' that steal the show. For a band of just three members they make such a big sound. They beg to be sang back at the top of your lungs and, when matched with the incessant scratchy guitar line, create a euphoric rush perfect for setting loose.

Breezer - Forever

For a heavier hit, we have Hastings outfit Breezer who have just released their first single of the year 'Forever'. Driven by a thick, impactful guitar riff the song emits a gritty urban swagger from start to finish. It is built around a dense wall of anthemic Rock sound while the vocals are delivered with an ansgty drawl reminiscent of stadium-filling giants of the genre such as Oasis and Kasabian. They are sitting alongside the likes of Bedside Manners in this new wave of young bands that are managing to emulate the blood-pumping, rebellious twang of the 90s classics whilst still sounding fresh and full of spirit. If you need a track to get you up of the sofa and into the streets demanding freedom and indulging in your youth then this is the one.

Kat Von D - Enough (Bat Cave Remix)

Acclaimed Rock songwriter who has worked alongside GRAMMY nominated talent released her debut album 'Love Made Me Do It'. Now, she has returned with alternate mixes of two of the lead singles and this new version of 'Enough' strips away the electro dance rock energy for a more introspective, Grungey atmosphere. The deep mystery that lies within her vocals works perfectly for this immersive renditions full of darkness and danger. The rolling guitar line that is both melancholic and charged with arrogance the track is perpetually waiting to burst out of its chains and, with the help of Dave Grohl, on drums, the chorus does just that, not in a high-energy sense, but in a heartfelt expression of powerful intent. This a remix that serves its name to perfection. Definitely one for a film soundtrack.

lostboy - Maple

Maxwell Clutterbuck AKA lostboy has given us one of the most exciting solo Indie projects of the last few years. His 2020 track 'Fool' really shot him into the starlight with its punchy, high-energy rhythm that sticks in your mind long after its finished. He has really stepped things up in 2022 with a succession of three singles, the most recent of which is 'Maple' released this month. Dreamy guitar flicks flavour a smooth yet direct rhythm that builds towards a big vocal-led chorus. It is these vocals that really grab your attention as they soar high above the dense layers of distorted instrumentation. Max's songwriting abilities seem to be growing by the song so keep your eyes peeled for what's to come.

Lucky Number You - Important To A Lonely World

Echoing the slick Indie/Electro pop blend of The 1975 are Birmingham trio Lucky Number You. The band began in lockdown as they began forming their debut album in their home studio. This record has now seen the light of the day earlier this month and its standout single 'Important To A Lonely World' is the perfect showcase for their style. With just three members that manage to create countless layers of intertwining funky, disco rhythms that create a groovy danceability throughout the track. The 80s influence is there for all to see with the heavy synth/electronic melodies but the track remains fresh with the crisp vocal tone that makes it as catchy as it is dancebale.

George O'Hanlon - Seagulls

This year has seen singer/songwriter George O'Hanlon completely evolve his sound. From the cinematic, acoustic productions that first broke him onto the scene, he has developed a much more built-up and expansive sound. 'How Are You Feeling?' captured the drifting cinematic quality of his early work but wrapped it into an euphoric coating of gliding melody vocal/instrumental harmony that sounds like its straight off a life-affirming adventure movie soundtrack. Now, 'Seagulls' dives into a deeper, more contemplative grunge whirlwind of heavy distorted guitars and a cool blend of optimism and melancholia. This bittersweet concoction rings of Alt Rock newcomers October Drift and provides a hugely poignant atmosphere to bask in while your reconsider every aspect of your existence.

Tom A. Smith - Could I Live With Being Fake

At just 18, Indie Rock songwriter Tom A. Smith has become one of the most exciting new acts out there. Although his Sunderland heritage may mean that he dislikes any Geordie comparisons but, in terms of songwriting, his new single has a heartfelt honesty that echoes Sam Fender. Sonically, the production is big and bold. From the first drum stabs you can tell that this song demands attention. His vocals pack a deep resonance and allow his accented infectious shines through to offer a more authentic tone. He makes you stand up and listen to every word that he sings before combining with big riffs and punhcy drums for a statement chorus. Certainly one to watch this year!




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