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Seattle-based Bedroom Pop star Lane Lines is gearing up for her sophomore album with new single!

Seattle-based Bedroom Pop star Lane Lines is gearing up for her sophomore album, ‘Lucid Dreaming’ with the release of her latest teaser single ‘Time & Space’. She claims to be a child of the 90s and early 2000s, finding music that tackled subjects of mental health, sobriety and anxiety, taking strong influence from the emo scene. Lane Lines aims to bring that message to an accessible, pop-focused audience, something that she definitely achieves on the new single.

‘Time & Space’ is a song that is instantly captivating thanks to the dense, pulsating rhythm. It is intense and in your face, yet, in contrast, the vocal delivery is smooth and melodic. The natural tones of the vocals balance out the rigid electro style of the percussion. However, when the chorus hits this completely shifts as a much more natural instrumental backing swoops in full of layers of bright keyboard notes and synths and an acoustic drum sound that completely changes the atmosphere.

Lane Lines described that the track “discusses what a majority of my lucid dreams are: an adventure that I go on with a dream person. Sometimes we go to familiar places; like my old high school, an old job I worked at, or my grandparents’ farm. Other times, they’re taking me to a new destination that is unfamiliar to me. Either way, I never know what kind of experience I will have when my head hits the pillow and I allow my mind to take over”.

This feeling of a lucid dream state is well captured by this switch between more robotic verses and much more free flowing and vibrant chorus. When the brighter, natural sounds of the chorus arrive it is as if you are being whisked away into another state of mind and exploring these adventures through sonic form. The vocal melody is super catchy while the energy is always high. You can tell that this is the work of a considered songwriter who pours meaning and storytelling quality into everything she does so look out for her new album!


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