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Scottish Indie Pop songwriter Blair Davie releases new EP 'It'll Be Lovely'!

The new EP from Scottish songwriter Blair Davie is a whirlwind of contrasting emotions, with each track tapping into a different inner feeling and showcasing the the wide range of his songwriting talent.

Opening track ‘Found My Person’ is the most poignant track of the four, as smooth, pop-orientated vocals pour out Blair’s deepest feelings of love and romance while a huge wave cinematic instrumentals come crashing down around him. This is a stadium-ready pop anthem that will get you singing your heart out for sure!

‘To Miss You’ then teases his Indie sensibilities, leading with a powerful drum rhythm that injects an intensity and elevates the importance of every word. The rich piano tones bring that poignant romance to the track once again, yet the EP’s progression starts to show signs of the angstier, full-band sound that is to come.

‘Lovely’ continues this progression. Again, it is the crunchy tone of the drums that brings this more punchy and passionate feel to the instrumental section, building an energy that will make you want to dance! The vocal lines are super melodic and catchy as always but this added energy makes for an infectiously expressive chorus.

However, Blair saves the best till last, closing the EP with our favourite track ‘Edge Of A Feeling’. Now fully in his Indie flow, the powerful rolling beat provides a platform for him to deliver a looser vocal flow, winding beautifully melodic sentiments about mistakes and regrets. These verses build a wonderful tension that then makes way for a soaring chorus that will get stuck in your head for days! The dense instrumentation, filled with electrifying guitars and subtle electronic tones, creates an immersive wave of noise that will make you feel empowered. This track has to be one of the indie anthems of the year!

There’s so much to enjoy on this EP so get stuck in!


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