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Ryan Ritual teases debut solo album with powerful string of singles!

After writing, recording, and producing 5 albums in 5 years with Mating Ritual, Los Angeles based Ryan Ritual needed a break from his band and life as he knew it. Exhausted and sick of the desert heat, Ryan relocated to London in 2022 and began work on his solo project. This year he has released an enticing run of singles that act as a first insight into what his solo work will have to offer.

The first single 'Slip Away' is a high-energy track built of an infectious melody. Said melody is first introduced by the beautifully toned guitar line that kicks the track off, yet when the chorus hits both the guitar and vocals synchronise delivering this earworming melody with a slick Indie finesses that is undeniably catchy. This may be a solo project but there is so much going on this track that makes it truly immersive. The high-octane, perpetuating pulse of the drum rhythm and bright layers of guitars drive home a euphoric energy that made this a fantastic debut.

'Rip Me Apart' us a slightly more magical and dramatic Indie concoction with the bright synth sounds adding a theatrical flourish to the big moments. The chorus is just as infectious as 'Slip Away'; a testament to Ryan's songwriting strength. Yet again, the vocal and instrumentals match up to really enhance the impact of the melody. The drama is continued later in the track as flurry of a guitar solo makes for way for a Glam Rock stomping drum section before jumping into one final chorus.

'Where Did Love Go' then takes things a little more steady. It employs a similar synth sound to 'Slip Away' while delivering vocals that are more heartfelt and sentimental. It has a slightly more stripped back chorus that allows for the layered vocals to really shine through and deliver the title line with poignant authority.

'Summer Nights (Guess Who It Is)' enters into a more abstract, electronic dreamscape which offers a lovely contrast to the rest of the album and will provide a tranquil, joyful rest-bite midway through the album. Finally, Ryan's most recent single release 'Smile' is a very cinematic anthem that feels fitting to soundtrack a heartwarming adventure film. It begins relatively intimately with Beatles esc vintage organ sounds a gently melodic vocal line. However, as the song builds it becomes increasingly powerful. When the chorus hits, multiple vocal layers combine to produce an overwhelmingly uplifting, poignant vocal call that will make you want to conquer the wild outdoors!

These tracks are hugely exciting and we can't wait for Ryan's debut album set for release later this year.


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