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Red Rum Club make a triumphant, trumpet-led return with the unapologetically catchy single 'Vanilla'

Scouse Desert Pop collective Red Rum Club have made a name for themselves over recent years for their appealingly immersive and high-energy live shows and are perhaps the most flavoursome band in the Indie scene right now. In the midst, of a US tour they have returned with new music in the form of their brand new single 'Vanilla'.

The dense baseline and guitar rhythm are instantly infectious, oozing a swagger that has become synonymous with the band. The lyrics about living life to the mundane are delivered with a smooth finesse and while the stripped back verses are intentionally simplistic, to emphasise the "vanilla" adjective, the chorus is anything but! It is pretty hard to create an thumping ear worm of a chorus just repeating one word, however they certainly pull it off. The unapologetically catchy melody is matched by a cool arrogance as the band unify in a foot stomping groove and the energy is amplified by their trademark blast of piercing trumpet. Try stopping this one getting stuck in your head!


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