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Quickfire Q&A W/ Goat Girl: "It's not afraid to be exposed"!

Explorative Alternative outfit Goat Girl are set to release their third record 'Below The Waste' on June 7th which will be supported by a run of intimate album launch shows including a performance and signing at The Jacaranda, Liverpool, on June 10th at 1pm. Tickets available here.

The new album sees them journey through their most widespread collection of sonic styles and emotive atmospheres to date, seamlessly weaving between angsty expressionism and tranquil contemplations. Tracks like 'ride around' offer gritty textures that give a dense, grimey texture while songs such as 'motorway' focus in on their wonderful vocal blends, building hypnotic melodies and lucid, electronic soundscape.

Ahead of their upcoming in-store tour, we sat down for some quickfire Q&A's to get a sense of how Goat Girl are feeling about the new album release.

Q. What have been the key events over the last three years that impacted your approach to this new record? 

A. "Becoming a three piece, lockdown and various personal struggles!".

Q. What would you say are the main lyrical themes running through the record?

A. "Community, friendship and imagining a better future".

Q. How does this album differ sonically from your previous two?

A. "It's more extreme - when it's heavy it's heavy, when it's soft and vulnerable it's not afraid to be exposed. we had the luxury of time with this album so we could really zoom in on the minute details of each song and pare back when needed or add loads of noise if that's what we wanted. it's also co-produced by us with the amazing john 'spud' murphy!".

Q. What do you especially like about these smaller, intimate album launch shows compared to your usual live performances?

A. "It's nice to chat to people after and record shops are nice places to be. we didn't get to do this for our last album due to the pandemic so it's gonna be fun!".

Q. What track from the album are you most excited for fans to hear live?

A. "Wasting!".


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