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Pure Punk Rockers Bad Nerves return with new anthem 'USA'!

Our favourite Punk Rock troubadours Bad Nerves have returned with their new single 'USA' and, of course, it's a track that takes no time in exploding out of the traps and injecting you with an infectious, retro Punk spirit. The high-octane drum rhythms and straight-to-the-vein guitar tones are back, matched by the unrelenting energy of frontman Bobby Nerves.

If you are new to the band then lucky you! They are about as close to a raw and rebellious 70s Punk band as you can get, combining gritty high-energy with undeniably catchy melodies, delivered with venom.

This is true once again on 'USA', a short and sharp track that has a definite 'written on the road' kind of feel with its punchy vocal chanting that sounds built for the live environment. Like a lot of the songs from their debut record, 'USA' also has hints of coastal American energy, leaning into Surf styled melodies at times, yet delivering them with such an unforgiving angst that they remain undoubtedly Punk.

The track is simple at its core but it showcases their purest form of their talent and offers fans reassurance that they will eventually return from their string of European and American support tours and be back in the UK making more new music soon.


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