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Power Pop duo Child Seat return with new single 'Unrequited'!

Powerhouse duo Child Seat made up of Madeleine Mathews and Josiah Mazzaschi create music that radiates a raw passion while weaving in retro influences into big melodies and plenty of tasty guitar work!

Their debut single 'Fever Dream' was driven by Madeline's bold vocal style dramatised delivery and crisp, catchy melody fir for a Rock anthem. However, Josiah's instrumentation completely flips this idea on its head. Instead, her captivating voice is met with echoed 80s drums, thick grooves and expansive synth textures. It was this unique contrast that first caught our attention and we've been following them ever since.

Now, their latest release 'unrequited' takes on a more cinematic, lushes atmosphere that you can find yourself absorbed in. They do away with the direct vocal attacks and piercing Synth / Rock tones for a tranquil dreamscape full of swooping orchestral strings and a vocal style that caresses each line with a warm, romantic finesse. Every element of the instrumentation has a beautiful drama to it that draws you into their sonic world and immerses you in the atmosphere of the song.

The steady rhythm is hypnotic as layers upon layers create a beautifully woven texture full of a warm guitar tone and retro keyboard sound. Yet, it is those strings that really bring the song to life. They are commanding, directing the trajectory of the track with a velvet finish. Despite this relative change in style, the track still allows for moments of Josiah Mazzaschi's Rock guitar lines to pierce through and for Madeleine Mathews to exhibit her talent as she reaches for the bigger notes with a powerful vocal flair.

Such a beautiful track that you can listen to on repeat for hours!


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