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Post Punk Update: UK's most exciting new Post Punk artists ft. Low Hummer, Freddy Merkky and more!

Low Hummer

One of the UK's most promising new Post-Punk acts is certainly the Northern 6-piece Low Hummer. Fresh off their trip to SXSW they have released their first single of the year, 'Talk Shows' and it is a perfect showcase of their appeal. The slightly funky drum rhythm and bassline provide the groove allowing the guitar stabs to punctuate rather than drive the sound as they attack from all angles, disrupting the peace if and when they please. The vocals have a calm swagger to them that fans of Wet Leg will enjoy. They never seem out of control, straying across the line between conversation and singing which creates an effortless melody. As the track develops the guitars layer a bit thicker and build a wall of distortion providing an added gritty texture into the mix to contrast the smooth melodic chorus. A witty and hypnotic single that follows on from their debut album last year in confident style.

Freddy Merkky

From the first vocal below of Freddy Merkky’s debut single you are hit with a wall of sheer angst. The London solo artist may label himself as an individual rather than a band but that might give a false impression that his sound would be a bit more stripped back than most of the current post punk noise. This debut is quite the opposite. After the aforementioned vocal shout that opens the track, the instrumentals come barreling out of the speaker. Tight rolling drums and a deep growling riff set a cluttered backdrop for Freddy’s powerful vocals that teeter between Fontaines D.C spoken word and IDLES esc punk onslaughts. Initially it is high tempo with busy sounds allowing Freddy to deliver his words loosely and with as a much aggression he sees fit. Yet the later part of the track takes on a much grander and cinematic quality. The energy builds passionately as Freddy chooses the odd word to tease the furious finale that is about to unfold. It then crashes into an anthemic close. The drums are huge and the vocal ferocity hits a peak. A fantastic way to bring this mammoth debut to an end.

The Byker Grove Fan Club

Deep basslines, angsty tongue in cheek lyrics and frantic drum rhythms are what give the latest single 'Accountant' from The Byker Grove Fan Club it’s flavour. Throughout its short duration it manages to diverge across multiple styles, from an initial rambling atmosphere of urban rebellion to shattering heavy rock instrumentals. The noise is hectic and full throttle. Distortion swirls across the biggest moments while the vocals radiate a primal force. The trio produce an impressively dense sound that is not for the faint hearted. Just the thought of this track being played out live in a sweaty basement club is enough to make your ears twinge!


Hailing from Wolverhampton, Baudelaire take inspiration from the Black Country landscapes. Their debut single 'Prayers' arrived in February and distinctly laid down which avenue they are wanting to take as a band. Sonically, they dwell in the gloomier corners of Post-Punk. Thick industrial atmospheres build off perpetuating distorted guitar lines that create a dark atmosphere filled with intrigue, reminiscent of Drenge. This debut showed an audible appreciation for the Post-Punk genre, combining the more gothic undertones that arose in the 80s with the more direct and driving aggression that has returned to the modern scene.

Their next track 'Lethe', due next month, explores the retro, Industrial side of Post-Punk in more depth, leading with deep, resonant vocals that echo around the walls of the track and ring of other new wave revivalists such as VLURE and Sugarstone. Lyrically, the song explores the catalytic relationship between alcohol and violence, delving into themes of excess, misanthropy, and self-destruction. The vocals shine through more on this single than previously and provide a performative melody that begs to be sung back. In part, this stronger vocal focus may be down to the accomplished production of Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Robert Plant, Paulo Nutini) who balances the vocal majesty with the tempting darkness of the instrumentation perfectly. For fans of the more industrial side of Post-Punk these are the band for you!

Beige Banquet

Now, we have featured London quintet Beige Banquet on the blog before but the sound of their latest release is too exciting not to include. 'Export / Additive' is the first taste of their upcoming live album and if you know the band then you know that this is the best way to hear their music. Of all the upcoming Post-Punk acts in the UK their sound is one of the most substantial, blending fuzzy perpetuating riffs with busy percussive rhythms so that there is never a dull moment. This new track is driven by a really infectious Garage Rock guitar line and punchy vocals that attack the mic in erratic yet purposeful style. At times, it delves into a more hypnotic Psychy atmosphere, repeating the two title words. yet, it it never stays there fro too long, diving straight back into the deep end of bustling drum rolls and intertwining riffs. A fantastic teaser for what is to come.

Sea Driver

Kent outfit Sea Driver describe their instrumental section as "ever evolving" and judging by their first three singles, this looks to be true. The three tracks have arrived in pretty quick succession but the development across them is evident. Their debut release 'Hook Or By Crook' flew out of the traps with a heavy-hitting Punk drum line that barrels along from start to finish. The vocals have a rawness to them, directing an authentic primal passion out of the speaker and hitting you with their politically tinged lyrics. It is gritty, unforgiving and yet strangely welcoming, as if you can find comfort by relating to the audible frustration of their sound.

Their second single 'Home Rental' is a lot more refined. It is still led by a thick Drum sound but it is one that is clearer, forming a distinct groove that the vocals fall upon slightly erratically. However, as it moves on the waves of distortion do creep in to form a denser sound that you can easily get lost inside. Here, they begin to blend elements of Grunge and Alt Rock as the vocals sink deep below the thick instrumental entanglement that washes over you. Their most recent release 'The Beams' is slightly more relaxed and melancholic, leaving a lot more room for the vocals to come to the forefront. By the mid-point of the track it bears resemblance to the upcoming Fontaines D.C. with the rolling drum pattern, solemn vocals and atmospheric backdrop. It is a 6-minute offering that indulges in emotions from contemplation to aggressive release, taking you on an impressively cohesive journey and leaving you entranced in a Post-Punk daze.


London 6-piece Toothbrush ask "has anyone got a lighter?" with a slack jawed swagger in their debut single 'Kaleidoscope'. Over the duration of Covid lockdown they have been bubbling away in the background, working on jams that infuse Post-Punk influences with an infectious danceability. Now, the excitement is simmering over and so it is about time they emerged from the underground and announced themselves to the world. This new track does that in style, radiating an angsty urban arrogance that is direct and forceful both in vocal delivery and instrumentation.

A punctuating drum pattern claps along throughout with a slightly produced tone that echoes the drum machine punches of the original Post-Punk wave. The riffs are crisp and hypnotic provided a fantastic groove for the spoken vocals to make their point heard. Lyrically it is a bitter accountant of detestation. At times multiple vocals shout over one another creating an audible camaraderie within the track and then after a while a harmonised chorus shines through with a deep, warm resonance. It is calm and hypnotic and provides the perfect counter balance to the angry tones that pepper the rest of the song. This is a really confident debut and shows great signs for the future. 'Kaleidoscope' is out on April 29th, pre-save now.


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