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Pop songwriter Issy Winstanley releases debut EP 'not done yet'!

Ever since her lockdown collection of acoustic collaborations, London songwriter Issy Winstanley has been gaining fans from far and wide thanks to her vocal versatility and lyrical talents. Now, she is truly announcing herself to the emerging Pop scene with her debut EP ‘not done yet’. In her own words, the EP “is a four track, musical scrapbook of my summer in 2021. My goal with these tracks is to make my listeners feel seen and to provide them with a soundtrack to their own lives. Inviting listeners into my stories allows a unique and memorable connection. I have lived and breathed these four tracks for the last two years, making them as perfect as they can be, I hope you can hear this, and you love them as much as I do”.

The EP features the infectious Pop single ‘never have I ever’ which is refreshingly stripped back. Built around a slick acoustic strum, the track has an energetic, bouncy rhythm while Issy delivers smooth Pop melodies as she talks about embracing and overcoming bad decisions. The fact that she makes a relatively minimalist track feel so built up and layered, with her vocal harmonies and background electronic tones, is a testament to her skills in arrangement and musical intelligence.

This natural, acoustic-focused style is a mainstay for most of the EP as ‘for you’ and ‘black leather boots’ offer intimate, vulnerable sentiments that centre around Issy’ vocals and acoustic playing. They are both wonderfully swooping and cinematic with ‘black leather boots’ especially creating a really poignant feel thanks to the contrast between the angelic, drifting harmonies and the heartbreaking lyrical content.

The EP’s closer ‘shit like that’ verges into a more deep and rich instrumentation. Opening with just Issy’s captivating vocals and warm piano chords, the track then develops into an immersive, melancholic soundscape as echoed electronic drums add a beautiful rolling beat. The lyrics cast a meaningful aura over the track once again and, on this occasion, the swirling background synth textures add to this sonic tone of melting emotions. This is definitely one for listening to while you contemplate your inner feelings at the back of the bus late at night.

The EP will be released on August 25th so get pre-saving now!

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