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Owen Tressider releases two infectious, retro-tinged singles 'Are You Forreal' and 'Trash Swirl'!

Owen Tressider has been simmering on the underground New York Indie scene for a good few years now, but his recent double single release suggests that he is ready to grab the scene by the horns and announce that he is not one to be ignored!

On the whole, Owen leans to both modern and retro influences, blending hints of Indie Rock, Surf and Post-Punk. These two new singles ‘Are You Forreal’ and ‘Trash Swirl’ prove no different, combining some vintage styles with more contemporary sounds.

‘Are You Forreal’ has a groovy Glam tinge to it, ringing of T-Rex and radiating all the swagger you would expect from the genre. Perhaps, using more modern comparisons you can find similarities to Miles Kane’s more recent, Glam influenced records too. It’s is an uplifting and care free swing peppered with flavoursome, soul-filled guitar lines and a super fun track that begs to be sang back when the “la’s” come in towards the end.

However, it was ‘Trash Swirl’ that really caught our attention! It is a super happy, coastal track full of a coming-of-age, bittersweet tone with some dark lyricism and some uplifting melodies as if the track is a healing remedy. The chorus may be self-critical and hopeless in its sentiment but the melody is truly infectious, drenched in a warm, Surf tone that is incredibly soothing. The guitar lines are rich and passionate while Owen's vocals are incredibly catchy yet filled with heartache. It's an emotive whirlwind at its core and undeniably melodic on the surface.

A fantastic track to introduce you to Owen's talents.


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