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New York Indie newcomers poor york release debut three singles!

One of the freshest newcomers in the New York Indie scene is the nostalgic quartet poor york who have emerged this year with their debut 3 singles. They are 3 tracks that showcase all sides of the band's sound and give an indication of what is to come.

The first of which, ‘little spoon’ is an intimate, lo-fi track, appropriate for the song’s title and lyrical sentiment. A beautiful, winding guitar line kicks things off and is hypnotic, instantly immersing you in the lazy, Indie ramble. Vocally, it is gentle and melodic, singing heartfelt feelings with a laid back slacker energy. However, the chorus is packed with a little more energy as big drum stabs inject an intensity that raises the whole feeling. There are some intricate instrumental subtleties such as the background electronic melodies that add flavour to the sound and create a very warm, soothing introduction to the band.

However, their next single ‘rusted’ offers a completely different tone. The marching rhythm that kicks things off immediately builds a drama and tension that carries a much darker mood. Rich acoustics tangle with this beat and create a slick, desert Indie vibe that is truly captivating. The vocals deliver each word with a confident command, adding a vintage flourish on each line a style comparable to The Last Shadow Puppets. These vocal lines are paired with a piercing guitar tone that matches the melody and adds yet another layer of vibrancy to the sound. The song then concludes with a dense instrumental finale that is packed with angst, drama and style in equal measure. This is a really impressive showcase of their musical talents.

Most recently, they completed the trio with ‘sunday’, a steadier, more synth-influenced track with a slick Jazz swing. Once again, the vocals have a smooth command and a vintage tinge, yet on this number they are enhanced by a lushes array of backing harmonies. The tranquil piano melodies and loose guitar lines create a dreamy vibe for the vocals to lay down on top of. Elements of this track ring of retro pop greats such as The Beatles while also hinting at modern American Indie sounds such as Cage The Elephant. This 3-track collection, named ‘at last’ is a wonderfully rich tapestry of sounds that displays all the aspects of what the poor york project is set to become.


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