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New quintet Lip Filler blend gritty Post Punk with dreamy Psychedelia on debut single 'Cool'

The newest arrivals on the Post Punk scene are Southwest quintet Lip Filler who have recently arrived with their debut single 'Cool'. It's always hard to judge from a singular track however what we can learn is that these guys are packed full of energy and have a love for a wide range of guitar-band influences that they have packed into this debut release.

The verses have that driving, busy sound that has become synonymous with the new wave of Post Punk. The bass and guitar lines provide a solid groove while an eclectic percussion filled with ride cymbals and cowbells gives it that slightly hectic undertone. However, at times the song drifts into a more psychedelic landscape with spaced out vocals and long, drifting notes. These moments offer an insight into another side of the band's arsenal and offer a tranquil rest-bite before launching back into the angsty Indie Rock ramble. The layered vocal shouts create a camaraderie that is always great to hear from a new band and we will certainly be all ears when their next track arrives.


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