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New American Indie stars Durry tease debut album with three new singles!

One of our favourite new Indie discoveries from across the pond is the loveable duo Durry. Their music is high-energy, carefree pleasure and radiates with such a positive, infectious attitude that you can't help but have a good time when listening. As the band gear up for their debut album 'Suburban Legend', they have released the first four singles off the record and they have got us just a little bit excited!!

A classic Rock riff is met by a high energy drum rhythm to kick off the first single 'Who's Laughing Now'. Yet, what really gives the track its joyful, anthemic quality is the vocals. Austin's lead vocal lines are huge, with every sentence starting a punchy base level and then rising to a soaring crescendo, but that's not all. There's a big, dense, wave of backing vocals that drives the biggest moment home with a tremendous power that is fit for a sold out stadium show. Get ready for the singalongs at their live shows.

'Coming Of Age' is a high-octane flurry of supercharged instrumentals that create an infectious energy that you can't help but dance along to. The lyrics talk of how small things lose their charm as you grow up and the chorus sentiments are poignant, radiating a bittersweet emotion. Yet, however you take the words, the feel-good energy of the music blows away any dark clouds that might be present.

'I'm Fine (No Really)', is a stomping acoustic anthem perfect for an American road trip. Lyrics of introspection discuss covering up sadness with a string of fake smiles. Meanwhile, the instrumentals are euphoric with a huge acoustic strum built up by beautifully punchy production and a pounding drum beat that could get even the most reserved of gig goers dancing. Once again, they use soaring vocal harmonies to elevate the impact of the biggest moments and produce a coming-of-age belter bursting with energy and relatable mental battles.

Most recently, they released 'Little Bit Lonely', a feel-good, summer-ready Indie hit that is perfect for dancing around to at your favourite Indie festival. It's a final statement of what their album is going to offer; singalongs, infectious riffs a non-stop uplifting energy and plenty of joyous and powerful Indie melodies

We can't wait for their album which arrives September 8th.


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