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More In Luv give a modern Scouse twist to nostalgic Indie sounds in new lovestruck single '23'

Liverpool quartet More In Luv have been teasing their Indie Pop melodies since the start of the first lockdown, providing plenty of sun dripped uplifting bangers to keep us going through the socially distanced Summers. Most recently, they turned their heads down a more emotive path with the single 'Living For Two' which builds off elements of their previous singles like the funky rhythms of 'Someone Else' and the slick textural production of 'Like You' but twists them into a more frustrated atmosphere.

Now, they are back once again with their brand new release '23'. It opens with a nostalgic 90s Rock sounding riff that instantly grabs your attention. The vocals then dive in to provide a stark contrast with their super smooth finesse. These retro Pop Punk undertones linger throughout with some catchy backing hooks that ring of modern Yungblud or The 1975. With the main lyrical theme centering around being love struck at a certain age, the retro sonic tones are hugely appropriate. This is the smoothest that More In Luv have ever sounded but they don't let this reduce their character and still let their Scouse twang shine through.


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