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"Momentum is a sickening beast" - An interview with the hectic Jazz-Punk collective, Opus Kink

Sometimes you are drawn into a band's presence and aura from the first note you hear them play and this was certainly the case with Brighton's latest offering, Opus Kink. Their grimy Jazz-Punk fusion pushes sonic conventions to the limit and absorbs you from head to toe a world of angsty madness whether you like it or not. Erratic vocal shouts and harsh brass melodies come in from all angles, effectively listening to Opus Kink is the sonic equivalent of playing Asteroids. This is all built over a dense, deep rumble of instrumentals that they are able to produce thanks to their 6-man army of musical troubadours. Their debut EP 'Til The Stream Runs Dry' has announced them to the world this month so we sat down for a chat to see what cogs turn their abstract sound and what momentum they feel the release of this EP has given them.

Was the strong brass element of your sound something that you were set on from the start or is that something that developed as you got into the project?

"The brass was there from the beginning. We thought we were going to be a jazz band, but we didn't have the capability, so we became a rock band with horns. Then everyone started doing it. So we'll be giving up soon".

You have really come racing out of the traps this year with three singles and your debut EP, do you feel you that you are quickly gathering momentum now?

"Momentum is a sickening beast who feeds mainly on social media content and arbitrary internet traffic. Measured in the flesh at a live show it's easier to contend with and we prefer word-of-mouth interaction anyway. But to answer your question, I've got no idea, it's not clear to me until long after the fact. We're certainly busier than ever, but that can all topple in the blink of an eye, so we must keep engaging the demographic by any vile means".

What draws you towards the erratic, frenzied and somewhat abstract side of music/performance?

"Lack of technical ability, need for exorcism, desire to be the centre of attention, rabies, shit coke, sun in Capricorn & moon in Scorpio".

Can you tell us the lyrical concept behind ‘Til The Stream Runs Dry, the title track of the EP?

"God knows. I think it's a drinking song. The 'stations of the cross' from the New Testament featured heavily in an old draft of the lyric and some of it's still in there. Some overblown abstract sentiment of liver failure equaling Calvary. But I'd like it to mean whatever it means to you".

The seven tracks that make up this new EP are each packed with their own fierce energy. From the sheer drama of the intro to the infectious back and forth the closes out 'I Love You, Baby', from the abstract storytelling of 'St. Paul of the Tarantulas' to the scrappy groove of '(I'm Going Down To That) Hole In The Ground' this EP is one of the most hectic sonic experiences of the year. A lot of the more melodic and less confusing sections are reminiscent of The Libertines, packed full of spirit and poetic anger. Yet, the wildest moments are a sheer onslaught of sounds like feel like an audible exorcism. Demonstrating both technical proficiency and infectious energy, Opus Kink come across as one of the most exciting new bands in recent years on this fantastic new EP!

When is the perfect moment to listen to the new EP?

"Right now. Or on your way to the sexual health clinic".

What is the dynamic like in the band having 6-members, does it sometimes make rehearsing, writing and recording difficult or does it just add towards the vibrant sound that you aim for?

"Getting people together is a shit-show no matter the project or number of people involved, but we're always almost finding a balance. I think we could do with more members. Whatever sound has developed has to do with a lot of different influences from different sides, lots of disagreements and contempt, a thin vein of mutual appreciation, which all eventually will lead to something good, I hope, I imagine".

What song on the EP best encapsulates you as a band and why?

"'(I'm Going Down To That) Hole In The Ground' because we're horrific little freaks".

Who are you favourite upcoming artists right now?

"Black Bordello, Modern Woman, Legss, Keg".


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