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Meet Sugar Pit, the brash Indie Rock personality taking over America!

One of our favourite American newcomers this year is Sugar Pit. If you don't remember seeing his music online then you haven't because he's not a character that you easily forget. His instantly recognisable appearance of his long shaggy hair, missing teeth and gaping grin is endearing while his hyper-active energy and care-free, Punk-spirited videos are infectious. He has been releasing music since 2017 but he has really stepped things up this year with the release of four big singles and he seems ready to take over!!

The first, 'Why I Come Back Home' is simplistic at its heart, the track builds a solid groove that rings of Indie ramblers such as Courtney Barnet or Kurt Vile. However this groove is supercharged by the built up production, gritty guitar stabs and raw passion of the vocals. Yet it is not merely all style and no substance as the backing vocals provide an earworming melody while the lead vocals explore the reaches of their expressive limits to combine aggression with harmony in a beautiful sonic blend!

The second single, and perhaps our favourite of the lot is the gritty electro Rock ramble of 'Supply/Demand'. The vocals have a loose, angsty flow to them that rings of early Cage The Elephant while popping guitar notes and electronic tones bustle along in the background offering a vibrant flavour. The track's energy builds and builds with layer upon layer of grimey Indie Rock instrumentals stacking upon each other and by the end the super-charged guitar lead takes over, delivering a brilliant solo hook while the vocals continue their hypnotic drawl that makes you want to kick on your bright pink sliders, grab your cool shades and sing along in true Sugar Pit style.

More recently, he has followed this up with the punchy, satirical single 'Customer Service' with distorted, abstract Rock sound that rings of Shelf Lives and a music video that got him banned from Walmart. Then last month, he released 'Compete', a song full of swagger, led by a deep bass line groove and lyrics that are spat out of the speaker and perfectly capture Sugar Pit's energy. Jump on this guy before he explodes because that moment is coming VERY soon...


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