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Meet Manchester's most exciting Post-Punk offering, Soup!

Perhaps Manchester's leading stake in the new Post-Punk scene is the sparky emerging quintet Soup!. After a string of quirky, groove-laden, Yard Act esc singles the band most recently released 'Only Time', their most vibrant track to date. It radiated an infectious funkability with its up-tempo beat and clean guitar riffs. The contrast between the intentional vocal monotony, sunken-eyed vocal charisma and upbeat, danceable instrumentals made it a fantastic addition to their discography and audible evidence of their development as a band.

Now, they have returned with the new single 'Daily Bread' which continues to demonstrate a growing evolution within their songwriting. Filled with angsty intentions and angular, relentless rhythms this track pops straight out of the speaker and sees the band more fierce than we've ever seen them! Percussively, it has a bouncing danceability while the guitars and warped synth sounds innate a frenzied madness comparable to fellow Post Punk newcomers Home Counties. The vocals are aggressive and delivered with intent. It may be short in duration but it is huge in impact, a fantastically direct track with loads to digest. These guys are really maturing in their ability now!

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