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Meet Boxteless, Yorkshire's new heavy-hitting Indie quartet!

Huddersfield’s Indie Rock trio Boxteless are direct and bold with everything they do, combining harsh riffs with an in-your-face Punk swagger. Taking after fellow Yorkshire acts such as The Reytons they create huge energy using powerful early 00s riffs to demand attention and commanding vocal shouts that are sure to cause a raucous in the crowd.

They’ve stormed through the first half of 2023 with two huge singles ‘Harry & Bruce’ and ‘Hindsight’. The former instantly grabs you with its fuzzy, menacing riff before bursting into a brighter, soaring guitar line that should kick off the mosh pit nicely. It’s hard not to want to dance to this track from start to finish as the energy is just electrifying. There are heavier Rock instrumental breaks that ring of Royal Blood as well as rewarding chorus’s filled with sing along vocal lines a plenty! It’s just pure indie rock fun!

‘Hindsight’ sets off with a punkier style led by a pounding floor tom drum beat. However the guitar line has a lovely bright tone that contrasts this heavy rhythm and balances things out. The vocal then arrive with a smooth melody which brightens the track once again. This is a great example of how they utilise heavy hitting elements to provide punchy foundations to their music while adding melodic parts on top to make their tracks both energetic and accessible. We’re hoping for more from them in 2023!


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