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Loyle Carner explores his roots and builds excitement for his new album with new single 'Georgetown'

Call it rapping? Or is it spoken word? Either way, 27-year-old British hip-hop musician Loyle Carner who’s birth name is Benjamin, is back with his mellifluous voice and chill beats after almost two and half years of releasing an album. Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner was born and raised in Southwest London with his younger brother Ryan by his mother Jean and stepfather Nick. Carner’s childhood struggle with ADHD and dyslexia made for the birth of his stage name as it is a spoonerism of his double-barrelled name.

Known for his lyrical ability, Carner first came onto the scene with his debut album entitled 'Yesterday’s Gone' released in 2017 and was a huge success, receiving widespread praise upon it’s release. Carner was able to showcase his lyrical ability, mellow cadence and flow, his creativity and musical intelligence. The rapper’s sophomore album, 'Not Waving, But Drowning', was then released in 2019 it was certified Gold and peaked at No. 3 on the UK music charts, showing us again that he has no plans on stopping.

The South London native is set to release his third studio album on October 21st. One of his first singles from that album is entitled 'Georgetown' featuring Afro-Guyanese playwright and poet John Agard. The lyrically conscious song discusses his life and trials of growing up ‘mixed race’ and what it truly means to be called ‘half caste’. The song begins with the poetic excellence of the Guyanese native, from one of his most prolific writings entitled ‘Half-Caste’. It feels as if Loyle Carner is truly coming into his own talking about his race and growing up in that way. The melody and beat is somewhat salient but paired with a subtle tempo to bring it all together and keep you extremely intrigued. Lyrically, we always expect genius from Carner but some lyrics that stand out are;

Yeah I’m black like the key on the piano White like the keys on the piano, low ammo Uh, black like the key on the piano White like the key on the piano

As we wait for the official release of his highly anticipated album, bathe in the lyrical genius that is Loyle Carner, where he will definitely make you think in ways you haven’t before.


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