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  • Saba Khorassani

Liverpool songwriter Tilly Louise returns with new single 'Restart'!

Tilly Louise’s fiery charm returns with her new single 'Restart', promising another adrenaline-fuelled track that demands attention. The Liverpool-based artist is known for her punchy vocals and raw lyrics, and 'Restart' is no exception. The upbeat prelude to the track instantly has listeners drawn in, and the opening lines showcase Tilly Louise’s high-octane vocals.


Reminiscent of Blondie and Paramore (two of Tilly Louise’s musical inspirations), the single offers angst, exuberance and, beneath it all, lyrics that carry a raw truth, making for an equally infectious and poignant sonic experience. Lyrically, Tilly tells of a human heart that has been snatched from her and, as a result, she resembles a machine needing a restart. The poetic and reflective lyrics are directly countered by the lively, blazing guitar riffs and her roaring vocals that are sure to have bodies moving and heads banging.


The punchy drums are pivotal in carrying the track’s journey, changing in pace and volume to tell the sonic story, and create a solid foundation for Tilly's vocals to rest upon. Confident and bold guitar riffs are executed with impressive dexterity and match the intensity of the vocals and drums, the effect of which is a track bursting with energy that instantly surrounds and envelops the listener, and a chorus that remains in your ear long after the number has ended.


The track builds in energy and crescendos into the second chorus, after which the bridge changes the tone drastically: tense and dramatic, the bridge adds an unpredictability and contrast to the otherwise buoyant track, and is a testament to Tilly’s vocal versatility. The perfect party anthem, 'Restart', in all its vigour and charm, will instantly inject energy into the listener’s day.


Tilly Louise will be performing at multiple venues over the coming months, including Liverpool’s FestEvol on the 30th March - Tickets on sale here.


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