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  • Saba Khorassani

Liverpool's Jazz Pop princess Tabi Gervis announces new single 'Lemonade'!

Liverpool-based Jazz-Pop princess Tabi Gervis returns on June 7th with her new single 'Lemonade', a cool, carefree anthem perfect for warm summer evenings. Her signature sound is a smooth synthesis of Jazz and Pop with added “sparkles of soul”, and her latest track 'Lemonade' showcases her vocal flair to no end.


'Lemonade' starts slow and smooth, with subtle strums of the bass guitar paired with tinkering piano notes (a euphonic nod to Tabi Gervis’ love for jazz), enticing and enveloping listeners within the first seconds. The instruments, paired with Tabi Gervis’ velvety vocals make for a silky, vintage sound that remains modern and exciting with the added melodic elements of Pop. What begins as a tranquil track later crescendos into an urgent anthem in which Tabi’s vocals stand alone unaccompanied bringing the listener on a thrilling sonic rollercoaster.

Her lexical dexterity does not go unnoticed: her lyrics are clever and charming, and, ultimately, infectiously catchy. 'Lemonade' not only showcases her talent as a singer-songwriter but is also a testament to her impressive ability to blend genres seamlessly. The track is a refreshing addition to the Jazz-Pop landscape and offers a modern take on classic sounds that is both nostalgic and original. This is not one to be missed!


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