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LIVE REVIEW: Paloma Faith @ The Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Following the release of her 6th album 'The Glorification of Sadness', empowering Pop icon Paloma Faith took to Liverpool's Empire Theatre to perform a wonderfully theatrical two part set, split into her new and old 'eras'.

We say the word theatrical, not just because of the dramatic nature of her music, but also the fantastically stylised stage design and, of course, the venue itself which is the largest two-tier theatre in the UK, opened in 1925. This setting, which featured the big red draped curtains to the side and a stone walkway in the middle of the stage, surrounded by bright LED lights, captured the bold atmosphere of her new album and added that multi-sensory, theatrical experience to the night.

Musically, the first half was just as dramatic as the set. The bold, brooding and cinematic quality of her new album was anthemic as she barreled through new hits such as 'How You Leave A Man' and 'Bad Woman', tracks which contains a darker, angsty edge than her earlier work, a newfound tone that was emphasised by some wonderfully passionate guitar work.

A personal favourite of the first half for us was 'Let It Ride'. The moody intro that then burst into a powerful, anthemic chorus encapsulated the energy of whole half, and indeed the new album. It was unforgiving and unforgettable, oozing with an infectious swagger. All of Paloma's band members kicked into another gear to deliver the energy the song requires and the dark red lighting cast a menacing atmosphere across the stage! There was also room for yet another fantastic guitar solo, something that injected some Rock drama into the set.

The second half was a more euphoric, dance-worthy set, opening with some of her vibrant early releases such as 'Upside Down' and 'Picking Up The Pieces' which got everyone on their feet. Yet, the best was saved to last as the final portion of the night consisted of her modern collaborations with Sigala and Sigma which had the whole two floors bouncing, partying on a Monday night like it was a Saturday.

Paloma's endearing personality has always been at the core of her as an artist and she left plenty of space to talk to the crowd, discussing the messages behind her music, the realities of parent life and her love for the city of Liverpool, all topics that were met with huge cheers.

Overall, it was an appropriately dramatic night that captured the moody aggression of her new album as well as the care-free euphoria of her earlier work. All round sonic joy that left everyone beaming from ear to ear!


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