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Lime Garden return with new single 'Love Song'!

Dubbed as one of NME’s top 100 artists for 2022, Brighton band Lime Garden certainly have a promising future. The “Wonk-pop” four-piece delve into many different genres but noticeably identify with a Surf-Rock/1970’s resurgence currently popular within Alternative music. The all-female group have made a bold entrance into the British Post-Punk and it has been exciting to see them take on a canonically male-dominated terrain.

Their new single 'Love Song' is a dancey, Brit-Pop-inspired track that begins with a quirky sequence of beats coupled with catchy strumming on a classically clean, electric guitar. Immediately, Blur come to mind, especially the intro to 'Girls and Boys'. Then, a refreshing and more contemporary sound takes over and you are left with a thoughtful tapestry of different styles.

The song explores a sonic and thematic contrast between the apprehensive tone of the track. The vocals are fuzzy and relatively quiet in the mix but the lyrics ring out loud and clear: “I walk, I bleed, I want to take you everywhere with me". Overall, Love Song is an exploration of various genres and is a fun and playfully melodramatic track to dance to.


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