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Leeds Indie Rock quintet about-faces emerge with their debut single 'Under the Sun'!

Leeds Indie Rock quintet about-faces emerged with their debut single 'Under the Sun' earlier this month, a slick, confident and powerful announcement of their quality! They may only have one track to their name yet it is already making waves across the local and national scenes. Having been interviewed on BBC Leeds, their single has just been added to the taste-making Spotify playlist 'Fresh Finds'.

A creative project born out of a shared love for self-expression and a need to escape the day-to-day, about-faces have rapidly gone from dingy practice rooms to selling out the trendy Leeds venue Oporto. But why all the fuss? Well... put simply, the single is a banger! Yet, there's more to this track than first meets the eye and it is these deeper, layered elements that make 'Under the Sun' a track you can listen to over and over.

It opens with a tantalising guitar line that is super catchy and provides a melodic undertow to the entire track. What is instantly noticeable is the beautiful duel vocals that compliment each other with a smooth finesse. The male/female blend builds up a vocal palette that is soft, powerful, melodic and angsty in moments of passion. The vocal lines are ear-worming from start to finish. Some are smooth and drawn out yet the best moments come in the quicker-paced, tightly-rolled vocal flows that dip and weave across the funky, danceworthy beat.

Although this is their first track it is so well arranged and thought through. Every single element of the densely layered instrumental texture brings something memorable and complimentary to the sonic atmosphere. The deeper guitar tones bring a poignancy to the otherwise heavy hitting and infectious lead guitar hook, the fuzzy electronics create a swirling wall of noise that results in an immersive sonic experience and the drums dictate the pace, switching between the funky verse grooves, the brighter, swooping chorus and the impassioned, high in tensity finale.

A superb debut that has landed about-faces on the Indie radar in a heartbeat.


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