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Lazygirl teams up with Tonia for a silky, Electro-Pop return!

Liverpool-based artist Lazygirl aka Beth Harris is back with her first single in two years and it was definitely worth the wait. 'Soft Focus' follows on from her previous single, ‘No One Will Hear You’, another misty and mythical track.

The song sees Harris collaborating with fellow Liverpudlian indie-pop artist Tonia, and it’s not that often that two artists’ vocals and vibes fit together as well as these two. Their voices merge together and complement each other totally, giving the track a bit of an R&B undertone, echoing the duets of the early 2000s.

Beginning with swirls of synths that wouldn’t sound out of place in an Aly & Aj track, 'Soft Focus' starts gently, creating a hazy, slightly ethereal feeling. The catchy, electric drumbeat pushes the song forward and you can’t help but get swept away into the song. Lyrically, the song is at times cynical and pensive; “Is your heart in the picture? Do you paint her like you want me to be?” Harris asks frankly.

“Soft focus/Saturated fantasy” she sings, drawing out the syllables on ‘fantasy'. The track picks up during the chorus, taking the song to another place entirely, then we’re back to the slower and softer sound throughout the verses. A heavenly slice of Indie, Electro-Pop heaven, 'Soft Focus' further proves that Lazygirl is one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in the genre.


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