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Last Dinosaurs return with summer-ready Indie hit 'Keys To Your Civic'!

Aussie indie pop giants Last Dinosaurs are back with yet another sunny, summer-ready hit!

‘Keys To Your Civic’ is a carefree, joyous single that, as the name suggests, has the feeling of gathering your best mates, getting on the road and exploring the world in your best years. The expansive sounds mirrors the desire for exploration and the bright guitar tones convey the feel-good vibes.

There are moments of more contemplative atmospherics when the drums become more stripped back and the guitars form jangly, Dream Pop Melodies. Yet, the chorus is never too far around the corner to bring its uplifting, big energy that feels built for a summer festival.

The vocal lines are incredibly catchy and sang with a clean, commercial finesse while the guitars have a wonderfully fuzzy and playful tone that makes you want to mimic their melody with some out of tune singing!

A super fun single that is yet another winner from Last Dinosaurs.


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