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Las Vegas Indie outfit SECOS release new EP 'Loveseat'!

Hailing from Las Vegas, SECOS have not slowed down since their self-titled debut album last year and have arrived with their new EP 'Loveseat' just a year later!

The EP opens with 'Don't Cry For Me', an uplifting, rousing track that flicks between more dreamy moments with jangly guitar lines that interweave and more in-your-face moments with vocals that are spat out with a purposeful passion. The guitar tones ring of lovestruck Indie outfits such as SPINN while the more intense vocal displays add a more sinister edge into the mix. It's a great early display of their stylistic range.

'Encounters' is a highlight of the EP. It has a slightly more retro atmosphere, largely due to the vocal style that emits a more resonant tone reminiscent of early 00s indie acts. Its upbeat rhythm and bright guitar flourishes create quite an uplifting coastal tone while the vocals deliver their lines with quite a vintage flair. There's a command to this style which gives the lyrics of love and loss more drama and poignancy.

'Cold War' is also a stand out of the 5 track collection that offers the most memorable vocal hooks of the EP. The repeated lines "I don't wanna fight" and "I don't wanna lose" would work fantastically in the live environment and drive the track with a great energy.

Some great Indie sounds running throughout this EP that blend retro and modern tones for your listening pleasure!


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