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Discover the catchy Indie Pop swagger of American songwriter Kayls!

One of our favourite new American discoveries this year has been the Bedroom Pop songwriter Kayls who has returned with two new singles this year, 'On The Rocks' and 'Internet'

After her two huge hits in 2019 and 2020 which focused on deep, electronic patterns and her rich vocal prowess, she took a three year hiatus and returned with 'On The Rocks', a track that focuses on more natural tones and exudes a more commanding, in-your-face attitude. The opening has a funky rhythm with clicking electronic percussion and a swagger-filled vocal flow that bounces from line to line with an infectious confidence. It is an empowering, car singalong and super catchy.

However, a Rock guitar line teases what is to come later in the track. After a second, verse it then jumps into a completely different section that has a stomping Dance-Rock beat which allows Kayls' vocals to become more drawn out and swooping. The delivery is heartfelt and you can feel the gritty Rock guitar tones encouraging her to add more and more angst into her vocal delivery. This becomes infectious and by the end it is a passionate Rock anthem that still has that underlying Pop melody to it.

Now, 'Internet' has seen Kayls return to a more electronic influenced atmosphere, showcasing the emotive powers of her songwriting and penning a string of modern-day sentiments that are scarily poignant and will strike a chord with many listeners.

The swelling electro hum creates a melancholic, dreamy soundscape that allows Kayls to deliver her smooth, warming vocal lines with a soothing finesse. Yet, the lyrics are anything but soothing! She highlights some of the most troublesome side effects of internet use and how this can have serious knock on effects on your mental health. The finale really showcases her skills in arrangement and channeling emotion through instrumentation. It is cinematic and heart-braking. A truly immersive experience.

Kayls impressive run of releases continues on September 26th with her new single 'Hatch', a song that expresses the feelings of breaking out of your shell to experience new territories, both in its insightful lyricism and expansive sound. This is definitely our favourite Kayls track to date as it showcases all her best qualities.

The quirky vocal flow and sassy vocal delivery instantly grabs your attention and draws you into her unique lyrical sentiments. The verses have an angsty swagger that captures that feeling of wanting to break free while the chorus epitomises that moment when you finally get that freedom. This chorus is super catchy with its layers of soaring synth sounds and thick dance worthy rhythm. The guitars have a harsh, powerful tone yet are wonderfully melodic and the drums are built to drive a thrilling intensity that elevates the empowering, anthemic quality of the chorus.

You will find yourself dancing around your room screaming along to this absolute belter of a single!


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