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  • Drew Sitton

Julez and the Rollerz release new EP 'Is This Where The Party Is?'!

From the very first sound of drums, Julez and the Rollerz draw you straight into their world of angst, attitude and individuality.

The L.A five-piece released their first EP back in May and they came out with a bang. All five tracks are dripping with personality and the kind of vibes that make you wish you were laying in the grass at a festival surrounded by Psychedelic guitar solos and Jazzy bass lines.

The opening track on the EP, ‘Sorry I’m Just A Waste Of Time’ is filled with beautifully arrogant one-liners such as "I’m not interested in anything but me". The vocal performance by frontwoman Jules Batterman perfectly depicts the tone of the song, as well as the EP overall, as you can feel her confidence and "who cares?" attitude charging through the speakers with every line. She does not have a huge belting voice and this works best with the instrumental performance that is happening as they work together to make music that highlights every member's talents and there is no need for overpowering vocals that will distract attention away from what is happening musically.

The second track ‘Be Something New’ is the one that best represents this EP as a whole and the line "I wanna be something new" is something Julez and The Rollerz have definitely achieved throughout this piece of work. It is almost impossible to assign one genre to this project and there is absolutely no need to try, as this band has succeeded in creating something new that works for them.

‘Confess’ is a track that particularly stands out in its individuality. The way the song keeps abruptly changing from the smooth, dreamy verses into a heavy fast-paced chorus, and then back again. The effects on the vocals in the verse complement the heavenly sounds displayed by the instruments. Everything comes together in a way that is possibly even more chaotic than the previous tracks and yet it is a defining moment for the band.

The final track 'Think About It' introduces more of a Punk vibe that is subtly woven throughout the EP and builds excitement and curiosity about where the band will take us next. You can feel how much fun they had creating this project so the sound of the band laughing is the perfect note to end on.


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