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Josh Sky return with their tranquil Indie single 'Friends' which packs more than meets the eye!

Some of the freshest, feel-good sounds coming out of the USA right now are from Minneapolis-based Josh Sky. Their 2021 debut album ‘Comfortable Vol 1’ featured breezy, Indie soundscapes and romantic vocal musings. It provided the perfect soundtrack to anyone wanting their heartstrings to be plucked as it radiated both love and heartbreak.

They have now returned with their brand new single ‘Friends’ which is an equally emotive song with a poignant sentiment. It was written about being with “the one” at the right place but wrong time and the “desire to continue on with a relationship even though you know it's a bad idea. It will still hurt as much”.

Although the track opens with a rather melancholic, stripped back atmosphere, it then opens up into a really tranquil Indie romp that drifts along with spaced-out guitar tones and smooth vocal harmonies. The chorus is then super-bright and filled with a laid-back summer energy. It is a strange juxtaposition to feel so at ease while listening to a track about such a complex emotive dilemma yet this was an intentional ploy by the band.. “I wanted to disguise it as this bright, dreamy poolside summer track”.

This demonstrates the songwriting quality that the band poses as you find yourself left with a bittersweet reaction; both relaxed and refreshed by the slick Indie caress yet left with that niggling feeling that you’ve been through an emotional ordeal.


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