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Jake Kulak creates infectious Indie dance floor anthems and channels 00s Indie on new singles!

Jake Kulak and his band the Modern Vandals claim to combine nostalgia and reinvention. Indeed, their sound does capture a retro songwriting quality filled with poignant sentiments rather than throw away chorus’ while using crisp, modern Indie guitar tones to flavour their tracks.

Jake has returned with four singles in 2023. Our favourites of which are ‘Caution Tape’ and 'If I'm Right'. The former is an anthemic single filled with Indie euphoria. The steady, thumping beat and rolling bass line create a perpetuating energy while the guitars just plant occasional chords to hint at their full entry later on. The chorus then explodes into a soaring expression with a huge sing along vocal lines and a piercing guitar lead with a tone that slices right through the dense instrumentation and captures your attention whenever it is present!

The danceable energy is hard not to get caught up in while the chorus vocals just demand to be sang back! This is a song built for packed out venues and would not seem out of place closing a stadium set.

'If I'm Right' on the other hand transports you straight back to early 00s Indie! The opening guitar riff strikes of The Courteeners' first album, offering an appealing, coming-of-age tone. The bouncy rhythm injects an instant energy that is fitting for The Inbetweeners soundtrack, yet the vocals are a little more melancholic in the verse, reflecting on lossed love. The chorus then showcases more of Jake's trademark powerful vocal style. It radiates a gritty passion that matches all the angst that you would expect from this 00s Indie throwback! Some tast guitar licks enter the fray later in the song and add the cherry on top of this punchy Indie hit and showcase Jake Kulak's talents once again!


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