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Jack Kane shines on his new EP featuring the energy-infusing single 'Tell Me What I Need To Do'!

London-based Jack Kane is shimmering under more than one kind of spotlight as both an actor and singer. ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’, is the standout track of his new six-track EP, 'Shiner', released 12 May 2023.

The soulful melody wraps its arms around the listener as the lyrics reassure, "I could be the one for you". Beginning with gentle pop roots and the rough warmth of Jack Kane’s voice, the song exudes comfort and ease. Drums build organically throughout, carrying the listener into the chorus amidst a sea of guitar strings and sweet nothings. Both delicate and revitalising, it is a heartening hand on the shoulder.

Jack Kane wanted the song to, "recharge you if you’re feeling low" and ‘Tell Me What I Need to Do’ does just that, with two minutes and forty-three seconds of music medicine. Listeners emerge with tensions diffused and a catchy melody stuck in their head!


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