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Irish rockers Sick Love return with anthemic single 'Ricochet'!

‘Ricochet’, the latest single from Irish rockers Sick Love, bursts right out of the traps with a huge energy! Big riffs and crashing drum stabs kick off proceedings in style before the slick verse kicks in. This verse is a little more commercial and refined, hinting at their pop sensibilities that make their music so infectious. Tight and fast vocal flows build a tension ready for the chorus to really explode…and explode it does!

Anthemic vocals and an insanely powerful rock backing makes for a furiously euphoric chorus that combines hints of Royal Blood, Pale Waves, YONAKA & fellow newcomers VENUS GRRRLS. The instrumentals sections are just as anthemic, offering the perfect head banging, mosh pit inducing energy for you to enjoy! 


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