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Irish Indie outfit Plastic Cowboys return with new single 'Mundane Ecstasy'

Although many of their past singles are based of youthful energy, messy, Pete Doherty esc swagger, catchy riffs and sing-a-long lyrics, Irish outfit Plastic Cowboys aren't your typical Indie band. Their new single 'Mundane Ecstasy' is the perfect demonstration of the layers of songwriting depth that make them so appealing.

The vocals and lyrics carry a great level of thoutfulness to them than you would often find from a young band. A characterful charm that you may often associate more with Folk runs throughout the vocals and gives them a very poignant tone. The distinctive, memorable riff is the same, offering a really emotive quality that far surpasses a throw away Indie hit. However there are still plenty of catchy elements to this track. The chorus is a sing-a-long belter and the guitar solo is electrifying meaning that they find a balance of mature, considered songwriting and ear worming Indie elements. Certainly ones to watch!


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