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Introducing the Norwegian Bedroom Pop star Bo Milli!

Some of you may recognise the name Bo Milli from our last print issue in which our writer Jamie Johnson described Bo Milli's last single 'Good Kid' as having "elements of experimentation, intangible innocence and a beautiful feeling of the warmer months". We a huge fan of the Scandi songwriter and her newest release 'Making Friends' has not let us down!

The track flicks between an understated verse that is hugely melodic, focusing in on Bo's vocals, and a frantic chorus that will make you want to dance around your bedroom in your PJs! The verse is led by a thick bass line that drives an up tempo energy while still remaining relatively muted, waiting for that uplifting chorus... and when it kicks in it is joyful!

Filled with Bo's beautifully bright and ethereal vocal style, it radiates all the carefree spirit and wholesome happiness that comes with forming new friendships and spending the best times with existing ones.

Tonally, the slightly lo-fi Pip Blom esc sound has an endearing retro tinge, yet there are electronic elements that sweep in towards the end that add a more modern texture and create a bustling finale to what is yet another banger from Bo Milli.


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