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Interview w/ Zoe KO: "I hope people feel self-reflection, hot AF and badass"

New York's Zoe KO is sounding like she's set to be the boldest and brashest newcomer onto the Pop Rock scene. Her new EP 'Baby Teeth' is out November 3rd and is true statement piece to the music community. Filled with an infectiously sassy swagger, lyrical depth and anthemic Rock energy, the EP demands your attention from start to finish, never letting you get comfortable and never doing anything half heartedly.

The vocals have a quirky flair and an empowering girl boss energy. Title track 'Baby Teeth' has a groovy Indie / Bedroom Pop rhythm, some slick lyrical flows and cleverly placed backing vocals that create a fun, audible camaraderie and enhance he impact of the bigger lines. Meanwhile, 'Rib Cage' unreleased song 'Pink Noise' offer a punchy, Rock and Roll attack that utilizes the same swagger but fuses it with a grittier instrumental edge.

We spoke with Zoe about the new EP, a five-track collection that could well be a breakthrough for her.

Can you explain why you felt the opening track title ‘Baby Teeth’ was an apt name for the EP as a whole?

"Baby Teeth to me represented growth, a rite of passage to adulthood, and in general it sounded cheeky and edgy which I loved. I felt during the year of writing these songs off the EP I grew up and really became the person I am today. So, it only felt fitting that these songs were my metaphorical baby teeth before I get my big girl teeth and big girl life".

What would you say are the main lyrical themes on the EP?

"Internally reflecting on my experiences growing up as an only child with a single mom in NYC and the female experiences of being a girl. The songs also touch on how that’s made me who I am and influenced what I believe today".

Could you talk us through the lyrics behind the lead single ‘Pink Noise’?

"Pink Noise describes all the shit female experiences I’ve had, and I continue to have to endure. The first verse talks about having the pressure to put makeup on every day and having opinions and being considered obnoxious or crazy. The pre choruses are confident, badass and set the listener up for the feminine rage that is let out in the chorus. The chorus coined the phrase Pink Noise as feminine rage, power and confidence. “Turn it up so you can hear me, piercing through you like an earring,” to me say we will be heard and noticed no matter what. For the bridge, my favorite part, I talk about wearing uncomfortable clothing, being told to smile more, and so many things I’d say most women can relate to".

Do you have a personal favourite lyric on the EP?

“It’s the only way to think, pink”.

In what environment did you write the majority of the tracks on the EP and how do you feel that environment impacted the final sound?

"I got to write this EP with two of my favourite artists, Catie Turner and UPSAHL and my amazing collaborator Jonny Shorr. Everything was written at Jonny’s studio which became my second home for a while. It is such a cozy space and because it felt like home, I was never nervous, and I felt the most open to take risks and write and sing how I wanted to".

What makes you enjoy injecting a sassy swagger into your music?

"Honestly, I can’t even help it. I feel like it sells the lyrics and grabs people’s attention. It’s just quite fun to be honest. The adlibs are always the most fun to record".

Where does your blend of vintage and modern sounds come from?

"My influences! I love listening to top hits from today, but I also am insanely influenced by old favourites like Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Paramore!".

How do you want people to feel when listening to the EP?

"I want them to have fun!! But also experience the wide range of emotions I had making this EP. A fan even recently commented about what an emotional rollercoaster it was to go from Baby Teeth to Pink Noise and then to Rib Cage. I hope people feel some self-reflection, confidence, hot AF, badass, and feminine and powerful".

What would you say is the best environment to listen to the EP in?

"Maybe blasting it in your car or in bedroom with noise canceling headphones".

What track from the EP are you most looking forward to playing live and why?

"My favourite to play live is actually Rib Cage. It’s the only time I get to change things up and sing a ballad. I also almost cry every time which is sad but also healing haha".

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