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Interview W/ SOFY: "It’s about falling when you least expect it"

The The witty lyricism and summery melodies of SOFY has risen her to the forefront of the bedroom pop scene. Her EP 'Bored In Colour (Part 2)' combined her slick hit singles 'Big Talk' and 'Just Mates' that contemplate modern love with coming-of-age anthems like 'L-Plates'. Now, her recent release 'Socks' dives head first into a pool of infectious Indie Pop romance. It is a track filled with cute, heartfelt sentiments and a big, infectious chorus perfect for dancing around your room to while dreaming of your crush! We caught up with SOFY to talk about the new single.

Q. Can you explain a bit about the lyrical inspiration behind your latest single ‘socks'?

A. "Socks is a full blown indie love song. It’s about falling when you least expect it, and not realising that something was missing from your life until it appears and suddenly everything you see and do feels different - ‘love songs used to make me laugh, ‘til I met you.’ I got the idea for it when, a couple of months after meeting someone, I noticed I’d been wearing his socks to bed for a week. I then realised I was completely head over heels in love with him and that there was probably a song in there somewhere - about how love somehow hits you slowly and all at once at the same time".

Q. What is your favourite line from the song?

‘A. "Love songs used to make me laugh til I met you".

Q. What would you say is the perfect moment to listen to the new track?

A. "Just after you’ve told someone you love them for the first time (but that’s niche, and it also feels great at full volume in the car with your mates)".

Q. What artists were on your playlist around the time of making the new single?

A. "When we made this I was super obsessed with ‘Ode to a Conversation Stuck In Your Throat’ by Del Water Gap, so that was definitely a big inspiration for this one. I love how that song feels like a confession of all these huge feelings, with super euphoric indie production behind it - as soon as I heard it I felt inspired!!".

Q. Can you walk us through the music video and the concepts behind it?

A. "When I wrote the song I had a really strong image in my head of it being played on a boombox outside someone’s house in the middle of the night with the lyrics on cardboard signs as the ultimate final-scene-of-a-90s-movie declaration of love. I was obsessed with the idea of making the video feel really cinematic, like a nostalgic indie romcom, so we really played into that idea with the boombox scene (straight out of Say Anything) and of course the cardboard signs are an ode to the doorstop scene in Love Actually".

Listen to 'Socks' and SOFY's latest track 'Supermarket' here.


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