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Interview w/ Liverpool's Electro-Pop queen Maya Yenn!

Liverpool based Electro-Pop artist Maya Yenn makes music fit for a twisted psychological thriller. One where the gentle female lead takes a vicious turn and becomes a bad bitch killer after she gets sick of putting up with people’s shit. Her music is self reflective and vulnerable while radiating an artistic flair and empowering energy, particularly her new single ‘Sour Grapes’. Dense layers of electronic percussion and melodic rhythms compete with a captivating lyrical unravelling about the false promises of adulthood, encapsulated by the line “Growing up left a bad taste in my mouth”. We sat down to chat about the new single, her musical development and her unique writing process.

Q. Can you explain the lyrical content in your new single ‘Sour Grapes’?

A. Sour Grapes is about being a kid, wanting to grow up, become a cool adult and do cool things like eating sweets all the time. Then the reality of getting there and putting the bins out, paying for rent and having a full time job. I’m kind of making fun of myself for being a brat and not wanting to do the washing up etc but also, adulthood is really hard so the song is about dealing with that reality.

Q. You’ve mentioned to us in the past that you’ve got a pretty methodical songwriting process, can you explain your step by step method?

A. I’m a very anxious person a lot of the time so I get quite overwhelmed with my perfectionism when I'm writing. My way of dealing with that is starting off with an intention, so for ‘Sour Grapes’ I knew I wanted to write about adulthood in a tongue in cheek way. Then I start with chords that give me that kind of feeling then the lyrics come after. That avoids me getting in my own head and second guessing myself and editing things before I’ve even started. I also have a reference playlist as well!

Q. Where does the artwork come into this step by step process and does it play a big part in your music?

A. Yes! I’ve been told I have Synesthesia, I don’t know if that’s true but when I’m writing songs they all have very specific colour palettes in my head. ‘Sour Grapes’ is yellow and green so I knew I had to have those colours on there and I wanted something that was impactful but still had a tongue in cheek vibe so we made it like a renaissance painting of a brat.

Q. You’ve recently been releasing online videos showing behind the scenes of making the track, what is it that you enjoy about sharing the recording and production process to fans?

A. Sharing it on social media is fun but I feel a bit like when a kid gives their mum a drawing to stick on the fridge! I think songwriting is so important but production can really transform a song. It feels a bit like alchemy! I think music is a combination of magic and emotion; nothing can make you feel the way music can with all the memories and emotions it brings up. Basically I feel like a wizard when I’m doing production and it’s just fun to share!

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