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Interview w/ Georgia Johnson: "I felt as though I was on another planet"!

Another artist who has arrived with their debut pair of singles this year is Georgia Johnson. She has instantly caught the attention of the local scene thanks to her regularly spellbinding live performances across the city and her captivating vocal style. Her first single ‘Sunflowers (Still Grow in Darkness)' was a very moving, atmospheric track that used a range of subtle instrumental textures to create a lushes soundscape that her vocals can shine through. The beauty of her lyrical sentiments also match that of her vocals.

Her second release of the year ‘The Moon’ has a more energetic vibe as it sees her deliver a more expressive, brighter vocal delivery. This allows her even more chance to showcase the spectrum of tones her voice is capable of. Yet again, she offers lyrical conceits that are unique and romantic, showcasing her fantastic songwriting ability. We caught up with Georgia to talk about her lyricism, Liverpool and the new single!

Q. What was the lyrical inspiration behind ‘The Moon’?

A. “ It’s got quite a weird story behind it. I struggled a bit with dissociation last year and I felt like ‘I wanna be on the moon, just get me off this planet’. I felt as though I was on another planet and I didn't feel connected with the world. Also, I called it the moon mainly because I was driving home, looking at the moon and thought that would be a good song idea with a story behind it. It means so much to me as well, just because it relates to me a lot. Plus I just love nighttime so it all kind of linked in together”.

Q. In what environment do you write your best lyrics?

A. “It's always nighttime. I always write at night time. Sometimes when I'm driving too, I think because they are times when I'm off my phone and just kind of with myself.

Q. Is there a lyric of yours that really stands out to you?

A. “It'll always be ‘does the moon feel lonely too sometimes?’. I've got that printed on my merch as well just becauseI feel like it's quite smart and obviously I'm trying to relate it back to the sad girl sort of vibe haha. I'm also writing a song at the moment called ‘One Out of Ten’ and it's kind of a sad love song that rates my experience with love a one out of ten and I kind of like that too”.

Q. What’s been your favourite live experience?

A. “My favourite experience that I've had is in Jimmy's. They've got a barricade now and there’s a little step onto it. So, I used that to the extreme when I played Jimmy's, I kind of stood on the barrier and I was screaming down. I play ‘Your Mum’ by Wet Leg where you kind of scream down the microphone and I was giving it my all to the audience. The audience's excitement is my excitement as well, so the more that the audience are loving it, the more I'll love it as well and I'll just go crazy on stage”.

Q. How do you find the local music scene in Liverpool and has it helped you grow as an artist?

A. “I love it. Everyone knows each other or everyone knows someone who knows someone. So it's very friendly. I feel like we all just get on and have a different connection to other people.. It's like a little community and I really love it”.


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