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INTERVIEW W/ Folly Group: “It’s A Triumphant Record"!

Inescapable, all-consuming and borderless, the sound of post-punk / art-rock outfit Folly Group refuses to stagnate, or even just sit still for one second. Following in the footsteps of modern artistic guitar bands such as Squid and Black Country New Road, the London outfit are also fusing influences from every corner of the sonic platte with hints of jazz, dance and dub all featuring throughout their debut album ‘Down There!’.

Photo Credit: Matt Ritson

Out now, the new LP is simultaneously insular and expressive, reaching to the depths of angst-ridden melancholia and the heights of acid-trip ecstasy. With their blend of hypnotically vibrant percussive rhythms, artistic flair, poetic lyricism and direct vocal deliveries they build up a hugely layered soundscape that you can easily find yourself getting lost in.

Our Editor-In-Chief, James, spoke with the band for CLASH Magazine... Read the interview here.


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