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Infectious Punk quartet Doll Riot are making a huge noise with their new self-titled EP!

Unapologetic, unrelenting and always loud! That is what you get from the ferocious new Riot Grrrl outfit Doll Riot. The Californian quartet formed in 2020 and began channeling their frustrations with lockdown, the lack of live shows and the state of wider society. The result of these frustrations has finally been made audible with the release of their debut three-track EP.

The first track instantly shows their musical intelligence as it constantly flicks between conflicting sonic atmospheres. Opening with quite a considered waltz rhythm and winding Blues guitar line, it soon bursts into a high-energy Garage Rock chorus that is simplistic in construction and thus incredibly appealing in its purposely scrappy and intense delivery. The verses actually leave room to showcase the catchy 90s vocal tones to shine through while the chorus feels purpose built for a sweaty basement gig. A really crisp guitar solo arrives later on and radiates a lot of soul before they dive back into the high-octane chorus once more!

Track two, 'Paresthesia', instantly bursts open with a much grittier, in-your-face riff that is full of a youthful angst. There's a perpetual energy of aggression running through this track from start to finish yet it is probably their most catchy track to date. The chorus line "Paresthesia, I don't need ya" is sang by the whole band with a slick and tempting undertone of dangerous swagger. 'Fuck You' then closes the EP with a classic lement for boring school and dickhead boys that is driven by a thick, fuzzy riff that conveys the entire energy of the song even before the lyrics start. With more tracks on the way soon, Doll Riot are diffidently one to keep on your radar.



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